Who We Are

Yeiyoung Won, Instructor and Co-Executive DirectorYeiYoungPic
Yeiyoung has taught Korean, English and French to children for many years, both in the US and in Korea. Upon attaining a Certificate inTeaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and completing a TESOL exchange program at the University of Missouri, Yeiyoung taught English to elementary and middle school children in Korea. In her early career, Yeiyoung worked at LG Electronics in overseas marketing, collaborating on brand identity with universities in Korea and the US and producing international sports marketing plans. She has extensive musical training and enjoys playing the piano and cello. Yeiyoung lives in Burlingame with her husband and three children.

Ae Rhee Hwang, InstructorAeRheePic2
Ae Rhee currently teaches preschool at Friends To Parents Preschool in South San Francisco and has her certification in early childhood education. She taught Korean at the New Community Mission Church in San Mateo and also coached students for the SAT II Korean language test for three years at Nazareth Korean Language School in San Francisco.  Ae Rhee volunteers as a Korean translator and counselor at the Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco and has also volunteered at the Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (Shimtuh) operated by Korean Community Center of the East Bay in Oakland. Ae Rhee holds a Ph.D. in English Linguistics from Chosun University in South Korea and was an English professor there. She lives with her husband and younger daughter in San Francisco, and is active in her church in San Mateo. Her older daughter attends college at University of California- Los Angeles.

Michelle Ma, Instructor
In addition to teaching Korean language, Michelle enjoys teaching Korean history, which she studied at Yonsei University. She also studied modern Japanese history and society in Kwansei Gakuin University. Before moving to U.S, She had worked at SK Networks in Investor Relations.  She speaks Korean, Japanese, and English, and is the piano accompanist at her church. She helped organize the Millbrae Korean Culture Festival for two years. Her ambition is to expand her teaching to Korean history and culture at  Looking Glass. Michelle lives in Belmont with her husband, son and daughters.

Leslie Younghee Oh, Instructor
During her 20 year corporate career in Korea, Younghee specialized in advertising, sales and human resource development for Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation, including work in staff education and management. Younghee enjoys the challenge of teaching Korean to second generation Korean-Americans, finding it to be meaningful and engaging work. Younghee lives in Millbrae with her husband and younger son and has an older son in college.

Eunhwa Hyun, Instructor
For the the past 10 years Eunhwa has been working with children at her church as a Sunday school teacher in San Francisco. She is passionate about brining art into her classroom and incorporating it into her Korean language lessons. Eunwha was educated in Korea and certified as a youth art therapist. She worked with special needs children providing art therapy in Korea for several years. She has two daughters and lives in Burlingame.

Eun-Young Hwang
Eun-Young has a long career in nursing and currently works at Stanford Health Care. As a nursing professional, she has many teaching responsibilities, including staff education and the education of patients who are living with hepatitis C. She was also a Basic Life Support instructor for over 10 years at Seton Medical Center. She is excited to expand her teaching experiences to the field of Korean language and to have an opportunity to teach Korean culture, language and heritage to others. Eun-Young lives in San Mateo and has adult children.

Dr. Chi Kyong Kim, Advisor
Dr. Kim is Binna’s father and an advisor to Looking Glass. He is a lifelong educator with 30 years experience teaching high school science, 10 years teaching Curriculum Theory and Teaching Methods at The University of Maine, and 30 years experience running a large Korean school (16 years of which he served as Principal). He has been awarded by the Korean Prime Minister for his work in the education of Korean people abroad. Dr. Kim holds a PhD in Education from Temple University and is a graduate of Korea University.